2 Ways Brands Can Make the Most of YouTube

  1. Have a look at what your competitors are doing

You can begin by having a look at your competitor’s YouTube channels. Check what type of content they share. You and they may have similar target market and goals, so you can learn a lot from what their channel does. A basic competitive analysis of other channel will make you determine their strengths and weaknesses as well, which can further help you determine what areas to be focused on and how to fill in the gaps. Check the number of their followers, scan their comment section of each video to get an idea of viewer reaction and engagement. Check the likes, views, shares they got. Check what works for Top YouTube marketing Singapore and what doesn’t and what can be improved.

  1. Focus on your channel clearly

Before you launch, have a clear and defined idea on your channel focus and purpose. This gives you all the clarity you want and you can come up with a marketing strategy. Determine what you are trying to achieve and your end goals. Determine what makes your channel unique. The plan must entail channel’s purpose and the vibe you wish to create. Ponder on the overall marketing strategy of your channel. This means increasing the aware ness of your brand. Your content must be strongly associated with your industry and must create interest in what you have to offer.

Here are some of the best geeky YouTube channels out there, with content that will appeal to any fan of science fiction or technology. Check them today!

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