Why viewers prefer IPTV over others

Viewers are more attracted to IPTV than to traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems because of its additional features. The features offered by IPTV system is not offered by traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems.

IPTV is more reliable

IPTV providers use Internet as backbone for IPTV viewing. These days, Internet is widespread across the world and available at almost every nook and corner of a geographical area. Internet is available on wired and wireless connection and it is considered as one of the most reliable connections available to masses. Many business and banking transactions are transacted over Internet.

Internet is more reliable than satellite communication during inclement weather. Internet is also more reliable than satellite communication in urban areas having skyscrapers all around. Skyscrapers and other features like height etc interrupt with satellite/dish connection, but that is not the case with Internet connection.

IPTV transmits streaming IPTV content on the Internet and hence they are able to provide more reliableTV viewing to viewers than traditional dish/satellite/cable TV. It is more reliable in the areas where cloudy sky, rain, storms are very common. IPTV also allows interactive games, HD IPTV and other advantages to its viewers

IPTV can be used on multiple devices

The greatest feature of IPTV is that it can be used on other TVs and devices which is not possible with traditional satellite/cable TV systems. A viewer does not have to use IPTV specific TVs or setup boxes etc.

A user can use IPTV while travelling, holidaying on handhelddevices. Many hotels, restaurants, resorts prefer to use IPTV over traditional satellite/cable/dish TV because it is portable. The hotels can comfortably manage high speed Internet at their properties and hence can use IPTV with its portability features. People travelling and holidaying in hotels and resorts prefer IPTV as it is more reliable and offer high quality TV viewing.

The hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise companies prefer IPTV over traditional satellite/dish/cable TVs because of its portability features. This feature makes TV viewing very cost effective for them. They can offer high quality TV viewing with minimum IPTV subscription accounts depending upon the occupancy rate of their properties. They do not have to buy subscriptions for each individual room’s TVs to offer high quality viewing to their customers.

Regular office goers or professionals prefer IPTV over other traditional satellite/cable/dish TV. They prefer IPTV because with a single or minimal IPTV subscription accounts they can watch TV on multiple devices at their homes and offices. They just have to ensure that they have access to high speed Internet connections at their homes and offices. They can also use it on their devices like Laptop, mobiles etc.

After reviewing all the features and advantages of IPTV, viewers prefer IPTV over other traditional dish/cable TV etc. The viewers appreciate the fact that IPTV is far better than traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems at much economical costs. Viewers also recognize that they do not have pay for individual equipments connected to their TVs. They also donot have to pay maintenance cost and replacement cost of these equipments.

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