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You, me and everyone out there who wants to make a digital presence needs SEO. In other words, be it a business, professional or individual influencer, anyone and everyone who wishes to be on the digital space and make themselves visible, SEO is a must.

Driven by this understanding that SEO agencies are a must, one of the most popular online search is, “What are the Best SEO Company India.” Type this and you shall get a huge list. However, which one is best, which one to choose, how to work with them, are some of the questions that would cross your mind. So, here we bring the process of searching and hiring an SEO agency:

  • Start the SEO hiring process by first defining your need. Irrespective of who you are, you must have an understanding of where you wish to reach in terms of SEO. In other words, what are your SEO goals. How do you wish to project yourself, who are your target audience, what are the SEO timelines and finally the budget?
  • Once this information is in place, you are all set to start scouting. Based on your SEO goals you need to find an agency that will work with you in harmony. Any agency that is capable of either below or above the expectation would confuse.
  • Once the scouting begins, the selection process should be a two-way communication. In short, it should be an interaction wherein you understand the style and ability of the SEO agency and in turn share about your SEO goals. This is essential to ensure that there is no confusion in expectations and also to remove those SEO agencies who prove to be a mismatch. Choose an agency that is open to customization and accommodate diverse budgets.
  • Once the shortlisting is done, it’s time to start the implementation. Once the agency is on board, it’s time to start streamlining and strategizing the SEO plan. Let the SEO agency understand and share an extensive plan which will be broken into a monthly implementation calendar that comprises the deliverables with the deadline.
  • As a business, remember that the SEO agency is a catalyst to build your brand story. However, it’s you who ultimately would live that. So, ensure that you do periodic reviews to see that the strategy is being implemented well and as per your vision. Any discrepancy must be addressed immediately and rectified.

The above mentioned is an ideal SEO process. However, depending on your business type and SEO goals and the SEO agency hired, the process can be elaborate with more layers and levels. Ideally, when you are hiring an SEO agency, asking the agency to do a complimentary audit is a great way to gauge the agency’s strength and also about where you stand. This strategy is very useful for businesses who are venturing into SEO for the first time.

Looking at the process, one may feel SEO is a task in itself. However, the fact lies that all good things come with great effort.

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