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Six Things that Could Drive Visitors Away from your Website

In today’s digital world, consumers use the internet to find products or services or get answers to their questions. That is why business owners who still do not have an online presence and a website is missing a lot of business opportunities. But, having a website is not enough. It is imperative to have an informative, responsive, and user-friendly website. Also, as a business owner, you should know what could possibly drive customers away from your website. These include the following:

Slow Loading Time

Internet users are willing to wait 2-3 seconds to load a website. If your site loads longer, they will abandon your site and visit another site.

A Lack of Design Concept

Website designs must be visually appealing for visitors to look at. When hiring a website designer, you should discuss with the specific layout, text, and color that will get your site looking right. You need to ensure your site looks contemporary and reflects your type of business.

Your Site is not Accessible in Mobile Devices

Today, your site can only succeed if it is designed to cater to the mobile needs of customers. More and more people are shopping on their smartphones and you want to make sure your target shoppers can reach your business no matter the kind of device they use.

There are Many Pop Up Ads on your Site

Nobody wants to deal with ads as they try to search something online. The presence of pop up ads could indicate that a device has been infected with a virus and this can scare users away. If people visit your site and are bogged down with these days, they may think they are not secure on your site.

There are Auto Play Music or Videos

A lot of consumers shop in public places and pulling up a website which plays loud music can be frustrating and embarrassing. Thus, if your website allows this feature, you will only push customers to close out your site right away.

Low-Quality and Outdated Content

No user will ever stay in your site if it does not have high-quality and fresh content. Internet users are constantly in search for information that they can use and if your site cannot give this to them, it is driving customers away. Readers will easily notice poorly-written contents with lots of grammar and spelling mistakes. They will think you are not taking their business seriously. Also, if you want your visitors to come back to your site, offer them fresh and interesting contents.

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