10 Web Development Trends To Watch For In 2022 And Beyond

If you own a business, you know the importance of an online presence. It not only increases your odds of getting noticed in the larger digital space but also ensures you are a source of potential leads. However, the competition in the virtual space is increasing every day, so people are constantly striving to rank higher in search engines to be visible to their audiences.

As you may know, better traffic means more conversion, and to get the amount of traffic, you require a higher position in SERPs. You can only accomplish this through a highly SEO-optimized and user-friendly website. Although marketers mostly get a higher website ranking by keyword relevance, they suffer for a poor website. This article presents you with the ten latest advancements in web technologies, which will enable you to restructure your design with the latest software solutions to have a better UI/UX and outperform your competitors.

Web development trends to follow in 2022

#1: PWAs (Progressive Web Apps):

PWAs or Progressive Web Apps are revolutionizing the app development process. Now, firms can design multiple applications targeted towards various platforms using a single code base. These applications are web compatible by default and save a lot of money in the development process. Moreover, faster product launches and seamless installation can give you a competitive edge.

#2: Serverless Architechture:

Serverless architecture is exponentially growing in the cloud architecture domain. Serverless architecture allows developers to build applications without considering the server architecture. This architecture increases affordability, scalability, and scheduled maintenance of web applications.

#3: Mobile-first development:

Mobile-first development is an intelligent approach towards a more optimized mobile performance of websites. It means your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices first for a higher ranking.

#4: AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

Accelerated Mobile Pages are very similar to PWAs and increase the site’s functionality by enhancing the speed. AMPs get favored for minimalistic design, responsive approach, and faster page loads.

#5: SPA (Single Page Application):

SPA is rather a newer paradigm in web development. It focuses on consolidating every feature of a web app and putting that into one page. This unconventional technology has enabled the business to provide offline support for their clients who live in a region where internet connectivity is poor. SPAs are more straightforward to debug. Furthermore, faster navigation and quick page load reduce the risk of a page bounce by a visitor, which accounts for as much as 37% higher conversion rate for any business.

#6: Chatbots using AI:

The use of AI will not cease in the distant future, so start thinking of using Chatbots on your website. These will help your organization facilitate faster and more efficient operations through automating tasks. Using chatbots, you can collect information about your customers to provide them support and a better digital experience.

#7: Dark theme in UI:

Dark Mode UI is the need of the modern generation. The youngsters don’t like flashy applications and bright-themed pages. Instead, they prefer an eye-soothing experience through dark mode in websites. If you want to hook more such clients, you must consider adding this element to your website. This improvement means reduced blue light and increased battery life.

#8: Motion UI:

Motion UI promotes applying creative design to your website that poses your solutions to be more attractive and unique. With animated visual effects, you can create more engagement fast.

#9: API-first development:

API first development takes care of the user’s need by incorporating modularity in data handling. This technology can offer quicker time-to-market and reduced development expense while providing a superior client experience ensuring higher scalability.

#10: Voice search:

One cannot overlook the significance of voice search. As per figures voice, the search market will go up to 35.5 billion USD by the end of 2025. So, to utilize the demand in the market, you can also start experimenting with this feature for your site.

Final thoughts

This section marks the end of the list of 10 highly in-demand technological trends you must follow this year. Don’t shy away from researching yourself to decide which ones to incorporate into your business site. Using advanced and refined technology will ensure you more profitable audience engagement and response, which will measure for more conversion.

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