Why Studio Monitors Are So Important

Studio monitors are something like the next level speakers. They provide nice and clear sound, which helps a lot with mixing the sound. The main feature of monitors is that they play sound exactly as it is, not hiding the dirt there is.

Monitors vs Headphones vs Speakers

So, let us compare all three options, that a musician has in front of him. I would like to say in advance, that it is OK to combine them, and that the best choice is to have all three. However, everyone is tight on budget in the beginning, so I`ll try to explain how exactly each type of equipment works and what it is good for.

The Headphones

Headphones are good for mixing and getting the close up perspective of sound. One good thing about headphones is that they have the best price/quality parameters. If you really need to save money, but still want to make music – a pair of nice headphones is the best option.

However, headphones have some serious downsides. First of all, some people start having headaches while working with this equipment, so you`ll need to organize time properly in order to give your ears enough time to rest. Another thing is that it is hard to get the “full picture” of the song, when mixing with headphones only.

The Speakers

The cheapest item in the list, but also the least efficient one. The main advantage is that everybody has speakers, so you`ll not have to invest extra money. However, speakers hide a lot of “dirt” in the sound, often distort it and make the overall process of mixing hard.

It is not possible to properly adjust the basses and the drums with usual speakers. On the other hand, a pair of speakers is good enough to get started and realize whether you enjoy making music or not. So, if you are in the very beginning, just use the speakers you already have and don`t worry much about the equipment.

The Monitors

So, as I`ve already mentioned, monitors are “the next-level speakers”. Unlike the headphones, they provide full volume of sound without any hidden distortion. The monitors are perfect for those, who have already started music production and want to improve the level of performance.

The sound going through monitors comes out exactly as it is. It is the best option for working with your own mistakes. On the other hand, monitors may cost quite a lot and there are many of them, which are not good enough for the money.

How to choose a monitor

So, there are two things you need to pay attention to:

  • The manufacturer

It is really important to pick the right manufacturer. It should be a European company with at least twenty years of experience. Remember, that even the cheapest product from a nice manufacturer is better than mediocre one from bad factory.

  • The cost

The novice does not need expensive equipment. There is always a chance, that a person will stop enjoying making music, so there is no need to invest a large amount of money in the beginning.

One nice line of models, I personally would recommend is KRK Rokit series. There are three speakers of different sizes and costs. You should check this article out. There is a lot of useful information about choosing the monitor, about the technical characteristics, etc.

Thank you for reading and good luck.

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