Understanding the Need for API Testing

When looking forward to discussing API along with web services testing, you would require identifying about API along with its working process. API or application programming interface has been known to work for connecting an application to the web along with other available application programming interfaces.

It would be pertinent to mention here that the application has been made of three essential aspects that should be working and communicating in an ideal manner. It would make it possible to be swapped out for another.

  • Data Tier: Data would be retrieved here from the file system and database before being restored.
  • Logic Tier: It has been deemed the brains of the app. It has been popular for processing the data in between layers, which is made from API. It would also be used for processing commands, coordinating the application along with making sound decisions.
  • Presentation Tier: The user interface would be the top layer of the application. It would be used for translating different tasks for the understanding of the user.

It would not be wrong to suggest that API has been deemed the brain of the connected arena. It would be the requisite set of standards, protocols, tools and code needed for bringing the digital arena together. The benefit of API would be to make companies active, making things mobile and enabling everything to work in integrated and streamlined manner.

As a result, Codeless API test automation would be testing specific APIs along with the integrations they would allow to work in best manner possible. It has been a form of testing that looks forward to laying emphasis on usage of software on making API calls. It would help you in receiving desired output prior to you actually observe of log on the response of system. The most important aspect to consider would be the tests returned by the API should be providing correct response. It should offer correct output under different conditions. The outcome should be one of the following:

  • Status of pass or fail
  • Information or data
  • Making call to another API

Importance of API testing

All kinds of software has been deemed essential for identifying inconsistencies and bugs, especially when you look forward to release a product and ensure it continues to work when it actually runs in production. It would be apparent that risk of putting poor and insecure product in the industry would be relatively larger than the cost of testing it.

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