Laser tag is the new rock climbing

Laser tag Singapore is a great form of entertainment for all ages. It’s not only for kids; Laser Tag Singapore has the perfect balance of physical and mental stimulation, which will keep adults entertained too!

Laser tags are played in teams with each team assigned one or more base stations, sometimes called home station. Teams use light guns to shoot at opposing players wearing protective gear such as vests that cover their whole body. Players can capture other player by shooting them on any part of their body except the head until they cannot move anymore. The game ends when a single player remains active without being captured from both bases simultaneously.

Laser Tag is one such game where your goal would be to “tag” other players with the laser gun while avoiding being tagged by them in return – it doesn’t sound like much but there’s loads of strategy involved as well as some serious physical effort too. Make sure you try all the various Laser Tag experiences before deciding which type suits you best because they’re all very different.

Laser tag is an active game requiring players to move together as a team in order to achieve the objective for each particular round or session. The equipment includes laser guns that fire harmless lasers and sensors on the player’s vests which are activated by being shot with another gun’s laser beam.

Teams must work together if they want their points scored when shooting opposing players who have been tagged out or eliminated from playtime due to health loss before time expires at the end of each session. Contact Laser Tag Singapore to book your next game.

Laser tag is an outdoor game that requires no equipment besides protective eyewear. It can be played indoors but it’s not nearly as much fun without the real world setting. If you’re looking for something different than your standard indoor activities like ping pong or bowling, Laser Tag may just be what you need!

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