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Don’t Miss These Things While Creating a Coming Soon Page

Coming Soon Pages or Under Construction Page can be simple or very attractive and colourful. You can create Coming Soon Page if you have knowledge in HTML and CSS.

You are creating Coming Soon Pages with your own codes or with the help of WordPress Plugins, you should consider a few things. Don’s miss these things while creating a Coming Soon Page.

  1. Don’t miss the Countdown Timer

Countdown timers are used on websites to tell the visitors a great website is on the way after the remaining time. Your Coming Soon Page should need a timer. As you use the countdown timer are a part of a strategy, if that used properly it will catalyst the result.

  1. Don’t Miss Email Signup Form

I think you won’t need more explanation about the importance of Email Marketing. From day 1, you should start to collect emails from your visitors. Email Marketing is important because it is adaptable. Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways a business can communicate with its customers at low cost. Email Collection is not just a one time benefit, but it is a long-term investment in your Business strategy.

  1. Don’t miss Contact Information

Don’t forget to add your contact information in your Coming Soon Page. We recommend you to add a direct email address rather than a contact form. You can also add your Skype ID, your business phone number, etc.

If someone doesn’t trust a company, he will hesitate to purchase its products. Consumers regularly have queries about a business service. In order to make their life easier, contact information will give them a better user experience.

  1. Don’t Forget to Add Discounts or Free eBooks

To grab users attention, you can add some discounts to your first email subscribers or offer free eBooks for each and every visitors. This could help you to promote brand awareness among your visitors. An eBook can help you to teach your readers about your business strategies.

  1. Don’t forget to Connect your Readers through your Social Channels

I prefer to follow a company on Twitter or Facebook instead of submitting my email address to them. You can find a lot of users like me. So don’t miss the opportunity to grow your Social Fanbase. You can add Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn company information on the Coming Soon Page.

Don’t miss these things while creating  Coming Soon Pages.

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