Create Adventurous Memories with Fun Empire Escape Rooms

Looking for a unique way to celebrate someone’s birthday? Or perhaps it’s your anniversary or your friend’s party? The Fun Empire Escape Room Singapore is perfect for birthday parties, celebrations, and social gatherings! Start your adventure and create memories now!

The Fun Empire is a vertically integrated, one-stop event solutions provider that offers a wide range of activities, workshops & add-on services (corporate gifts, catering, etc), all tailor-made to your needs. In addition to combat archery, mysterious puzzles, outdoor escape puzzles, and bowling, these virtual escape rooms have actual gaming packages.

Exciting Storyline and Virtual Games

Each of our carefully designed Virtual Escape experiences is woven intricately with innovative mechanics and clues. Expect many surprises as you progress through each challenge in our themed virtual scenarios.

Discover clues from the real world by immersing yourself in an immersive 360 virtual tour of your favorite landmarks, all with just a click of a button! And Engage with interactive clues, drag-and-drop clues, slider puzzles, and more in this new immersive experience!

Participate and experience fun-learning

  • Promote Problem Solving & Leadership Skills
  • Enhance Communication, Team Work & Camaraderie
  • Bond Through The Power Of Play & Fun
  • Stress-Free Event Planning – One-Stop Event Solutions Provider For All Your Event Needs
  • Games & Activities To Catering & Corporate Gifts
  • Able To Organise Event For Both Small Groups (4 Pax) & Larger Groups about 100 To Unlimited Pax!
  • Experience & Dedicated Team Of Event Experts (ISO:9001 Certified)
  • Customizable Event According To Your Objectives & Requirement
  • Anytime, Anywhere (Convenient Locations, Our Location Or Your Location For Private & Exclusive Events)

Quality Assurance

Be on your toes and navigate through the unexpected turn of events throughout the Escape Room experience. Most importantly, race against time to find the key to escape! Accepting various modes of payment, to start now only a minimum of 2-4 pax is required.

The Team has successfully organized over 10,000 successful events for more than 900,000 happy clients. Diverse clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies, Government Agencies, Military, Schools, and Consumers. The dedicated team of event experts consistently delivers the most fun event experiences to our clients. We combine the most unique activities, professionally trained reliable facilitators with our extensive events experience.

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