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When men are looking to buy motorcycles, they will likely consider the speed, engine power, comfort, use, availability of spare parts, and the price. While all these also apply in the case of women, the biggest concern is often over the kind of bikes that are best suited for them. But definitely Hero bikes price is affordable for women. This serves to create the impression that there are bikes tailored explicitly for women. However, this would be a false perception. The truth is that there are no motorbikes specifically made for women’s use. As such, no specific list exists detailing the kind of motorcycles meant for women. However, certain models tend to be popular among women. User reviews and surveys have helped determine them. Here are five motorbikes that a female motorbike rider can opt for.

Kawasaki ER6N

The ER6N is one of the best bikes for women especially the beginners as it is easy to ride and light. Its height is manageable for most women. This is a big plus given the discomfort that many women often experience lifting their feet high. The comfortable height means they can place their feet solidly on the ground and drive confidently without the fear of regular stops. With 72bhp and a 649cc engine, it is among the best middleweight bikes you can find on the market.

Honda Shadow Spirit 750 C2

Regardless of your experience, the Honda Shadow is a great motorbike. It is a comfortable ride with a seat height of 25.8 inches meaning many riders can touch the ground with their feet without straining. Its light weight makes it easy to maneuver the roads. New riders will find it a great option as they continue working on their confidence. You can use it for both your routine commute and the weekend ride.

Hero Pleasure

The pleasure bike is light, tailored to suit girls. It is a favorite among women due to its less weight, availability in more than nine different colors, an integrated braking system, and ability to cover considerable distances. The integrated braking system engages the front and rear brakes simultaneously when you pull the left brake lever making it easy for women to handle it. They do have to deal with the inconvenience of considering two separate braking systems. It has a four-stroke 102cc engine that releases 7bhp. An automatic braking system adds to the fun that girls can have with this scooter. They are also affordable – Check out hero bikes price.

Mahindra Duro DZ

It is another scooter that is great for women riders. Since it is a scooter, as a lady, you can ride it in your favorite dress. A 125cc engine powers it. The Mahindra Duro DZ is a product Mahindra Two-Wheelers Group. Both men and women can ride this fuel-efficient motorcycle at it appeals to both sexes. Not only is it durable but also has excellent mileage for a bike of its class and is designed for the Indian roads that are often challenging to maneuver. The bikes attractive features saw it scoop the Scooter of the Year Award in 2010.

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